Painting 2017-16


Works on paper 2017-16



Jonathan Lyndon Chase, Louis Fratino, Kristina Lee

Water & Dreams, Chicken Coop Contemporary, Portland, OR and Green Gallery West, Milwaukee, WI

May - July 2017


Sara Caron, Peter Barrickman, Scott Cowan, John Riepenhoff, Mike Paré, Richard Galling, Dominic Chambers, Kirsten Schmid, Jess Minckley, Howard Fonda, Sofia Leiby, Kristina Lee, Michael Berryhill, Heidi Howard, Paul Anthony Smith, Molly Smith, Holly Coulis, Michael Kloss, William O'Brien, Cody Tumblin, Sarah Weber, Britton Tolliver, Alan Prazniak, Jack Bangerter, Naotaka Hiro, Ryan Fenchel, Thomas Lynch 3rd




Kristina Lee and Annie Perlman


a book for Malraux's Place